Mike Perry’s Rock’in
Roll Vintage MX
1983 Honda CR480  
Motor just rebuilt from top to bottom.  This motor is overbored a bit more than I wanted at
This is VMX plastic and it cost quite a bit more than the DC plastic I purchased for my 83
CR250, but the side panels come with precut slots, the color is correct and overall quality is
superior.  If I had to do it again, I would not have purchased the DC plastics for the CR250.
Freshly powdercoated frames, 83 CR480, 83 CR250 & 87 CR250, great work Terry!
Race Tech G3 series custom shock 83 CR480 shock

As I understand it the stock shock requires constant oil changes to avoid it going mushy.  
Surprisingly enough this was only an issue with the 480 that year (not the 250?).