Mike Perry’s Rock’in
Roll Vintage MX
This page is a work in progress, so check it often for additions as I separate replica parts from the
originals.  I will only be listing those replica parts still being produced in some form or fashion.  
Ironically, some parts, such as Maier fenders can even look as good as the originals, but they are what
they are, replicas.
Sun Rims

The Sun company sold the MX wheel portion of the company some time ago, and
while the quality of the new rim is likely no different than the original, there is a
difference in them.  Take a look
This is a real period correct Sun rim.  The original rim is clearly engraved with the sun logo in
the center, and to the right you can see the production date of 5-78.
This is a later model Sun rim.  The giveaway is the embossed Sun logo on the side of the rim.  
Another clue, which you cannot see in this photo, is that the rim is engraved with "Buchanan".  
I would not use this rim for a late 70's project.   
This is a REAL Gunners Gasser throttle assembly.  The obvious differences start with the
metal cap at the top of the throttle, then the raised letters on the side of the throttle cap, "Made
in Sweden."  But there is another internal difference, as this throttle has more pieces inside
than the Motion Pro replica.
This is the Replica sold by Motion Pro and used by most of us.  The throttle body is polished and
the cover on the top of the throttle is plastic, and there is no "Made in Sweden" on it.
Take a good look at this carb.  The decal is from Red Racer, but the carb is a real DG.  I purchased this carb
from a guy that had a 77 RM125B and carb was purchased from DG.  When I got the carb, the original
decals were badly faded, but visible.  I took them off because of the poor shape they were in and replaced
them with the Red Racer Decals.  When spotting the real prejetted DG carb look at the sticker, because the
original stickers were one piece while the replica decals such as Red Racer are two piece (i.e. Separate
stickers for the D and the G).  If you look closely at this carb, you can still see the square outline of the
original one piece DG sticker.  Plus, before you give your hard earned money away under the belief your
buying a real DG or FMF carb, ask yourself this question, "If the carb looks brand new, then what is the
likelihood it is real?"  A 30+ year old carb unless it was put away new is not likely to look brand new.