Michael Perry's One Stop Vocal Shopping!

Hi all, just click onto a track below the name of one of the songs.  Since I am doing the recording in-house, and
creating this website, you will have to check this page often for new songs (as I record them).  Listed below you
will also find a list of tunes to come.  I have already recorded either the music and background vocals, or most of
the song, so just keep checking as these songs will be added to the new arrivals list below when they are ready.  
CDs will be available at some point at a cost of $15.00, which includes a choice of up to 10 songs from the below
list.  Please keep in touch, and I hope you like what you hear.  MP
Rock, R&B, Pop
Before the next teardrop -
Freddie Fender
Always & Forever - Heatwave
Angel - Sarah Mclachlan
Bring her back - Michael Perry
Digging up bones - Randy Travis
Babe - Styx
God bless the USA - Lee
Drops from Jupiter - Train
If tomorrow never comes - Garth
Hotel California - Eagles
Mountain of love - Charlie Pride
I'll never break your heart -
Backstreet Boys
Tunes to come
Lovin' Touchin Squeezing - Journey
December 63 - Four Seasons
- Coming soon
Listen to the music - Doobie Bros
- Coming soon
Open arms -  Journey
Philadelphia Freedom - Elton John
- Coming soon
Pride & Joy - Stevie Ray Vaughn
Takin care of business - BTO
- Coming soon
Mony mony - Tommy James
- Coming soon
Ribbon in the sky - Stevie Wonder
Sledgehammer - Peter Gabriel
- Coming soon
Soul Man - Sam & Dave
Shout - Otis Day & the Knights
- Coming soon
Leggs - ZZ Top
- Coming soon
Special lady - Ray, Goodman & Brown
Hey Ya - Outkast
- Coming soon
Still the one- Orleans
Hurts so good - J C Mellenkamp
- Coming soon
Still - Commodores
- Coming soon
Summer of 69 - Brian Adams
Lady - Kenny Rogers
- Coming soon
The magic touch - Platters
Three little birds - Bob Marley
Two out of three ain't bad - Meatloaf
New songs added
Back at one - Brian McKnight