Bike updated in February 2011 with Simons forks

Mike Perry’s Rock’in
Roll Vintage MX
77 RM125B
This build was special and different from my previous builds because this bike represents the bike the
average guy built back in the day.  As many of you know, Suzuki made major changes to their bikes every
two years, so most people kept their 77’s two years, and in that two years, many built their bikes like this
one.  This bike would qualify for an FMF, DG, LOP, or CH package racer given the parts on it, however I
turned away from building a package racer simply because these bikes are too hard to verify without
paperwork.  Many people claim to have package racers, but the sum of the parts without paperwork does
not do the bike justice (because they cannot be verified).  The other issue is the use of period correct
parts.  I have seen Works bikes restored using modern parts such as Excel rims, and I just do not
understand why a builder would take the time to assemble 90% of the major original parts then use
incorrect major parts for the other 10%.  Click onto
How to tell the fake or replica part from the original.  I
spent a lot of time researching this bike and the major parts on this bike are period correct or they are
services or parts from a company that was in business in 77 and the parts are spec'ed to 77 standards,
which is rare.  
                                                             1977 Suzuki RM125B


-        Cylinder porting by Kustom Kraft
-        36MM DG Prejetted Mikuni carb
-        DG Radical head
-        DG hand formed cone pipe
-        Stock silencer (new in the box), bike currently has a Jemico silencer
-        Mototek CD-125 ignition
-        Boyesen reeds
-        Uni Air filter
-        Sprocket Specialist sprockets (520 conversion)
-        RK gold chain
-        Original Gunner Gasser throttle
-        Correct serial number on the motor
-        Powdercoated clutch cover/mag cover


-        Simons forks 10" travel built by Simons for the 77 RM125
-        Period correct Fox Air shoxs (black bodied shocks), rebuilt by Thor Lawson
-        Stock Tagasago rims anodized gold
-        8 gauge Buchanan heavy duty spokes
-        Dunlap rear front tire/Michelin M12 front tire
-        JT Racing replica number plate
-        Preston Petty Tony D front fender (real no replica), replica rear fenders, OEM side panels
-        77 LOP period correct aluminum swingarm (AHRMA race legal)
-        Pro tec chain tensioner
-        Powdercoated frame with original serial number on the frame